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One day my friends and I were going to a movie and then to a party. The movie was great, but on the way to the party, what I saw wasn't. There was a dog, what looked like a German Shepard, lying near the street with a bloody rope around his neck and a rubber band on his tail.

"Stop the car!" I screamed, and we pulled over, and I got out of the car and ran over to the dog. He whined and wagged his half of a tail as I pet his head and scratched behind his ear. His nose was dry, he was skinny, and the rope was embedded in his neck, very painfully and deep.

One of my friends were mad. "What the heck? You made us pull over just for this bloody mutt?" He grabbed my arm. "Come on, we will be late to the party!"

As soon as he said "bloody mutt" I twisted his arm and slapped him against the car. "Do you see what happened to him? Do you even care?" I ignored his response. I opened the car and grabbed my pack. I pulled out my water bottle and a carrot, along with cheese and some chicken. I didn't care if the dog drank all of the water, he needed it more than me.

I then sat by the dog and started to break up the food and feed it to the dog.

Again my 'friend' complained and cursed. "What the heck? Get back in the car!"

I looked at him straight in the eye. Outraged, I yelled at him. "Why don't you and your gang go then? I'll walk home by myself! I don't need friends like you anymore."

He cursed again, and they got back in the care and drove off.

I stroked the dogs head. "You know they are the bloody mutts," I told him. He ate up the food and drank the water happily. "Your a strong dog. I will name you Zeus." He wagged his tail as if to approve. Then he whined again, and licked his tail and neck fur. "Don't worry Zeus," I soothed him. "I will get you free, and take care of you."

After he was done eating, I slipped out my pocket knife and cut off the rope that was tied to the fence. I knew I shouldn't try and get the rope or rubber band off, because I could hurt him more. I needed to get to a vet as soon as possible.

He stood up, looking better already. I packed my backpack and stood up. I was going to pick him up and carry him all the way to the vet, but he refused. I pet him again, then started walking. He followed me.

"You are a good boy." And I gave him a treat, just a spoonful of peanut butter, also from my pack.

We walked along, human and animal, unharming each other. Just loving each other.

We arrived at the vet about an hour later, legs sore and tired. We opened the door, and by that time I was carrying Zeus because he started to stumble and couldn't walk. The vet came in, and over time healed him.

I then took Zeus home as my forever friend, never to be abused again.

This may not be a true story, but it can happen. Read on, and if you would do the same that had happened here, re-post this in your journal. All of it. Every inch of words in this journal. Also, re-post this if you are against animal abuse/cruelty.

Made and Started by *Moss4
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